Recommendations for the LDC Rewrite

  1. Prioritize efficiency and better coordination:
    • Ensure better efficiency in minimizing the cost of development
    • Establish better coordination amongst utility companies
  1. Incentivize SMART Housing to recapture market rate developers:
    • New Smart Housing Code should include ‘any or all future fees’
    • Correlate property fees with the amount of affordable housing the development provides
    • Consider infrastructure and other higher-dollar assistance and participation from the City
    • Increase fee waivers for SMART Housing
      • Parkland Dedication
      • New fees since last iteration
      • Tree ordinance fees (or just resolve competing interests?)
      • Exempt from service extension infrastructures requirements/Use other City non-housing funds for infrastructure
      • Re-structure “incentives” that encourage “re-development” over perimeter development 
  1. Consider the following changes to aid the development of affordable housing:
    • Allow developers to reduce the number of residential parking spots they are required to provide
    • Require rezoned multi-unit land to go through the entire process. First right of refusal on City land change of use should be given to nonprofit developers (even if a third party makes an unsolicited offer)
    • Any City/Utility land should have entitlements embedded in zoning so it doesn’t have to be re-zoned if converted to affordable housing
    • Re-visit the recommendations that weren’t implemented from Affordability Incentive Task Force
    • All annexed land was annexed at SF-2
      • Retroactively embed entitlements?
      • Embed entitlements for future annexed land
    • Require all newly developed projects to comply with visitability/accessibility requirements (this needs to be detailed, provide some exemptions for grade-challenged sites and rehabs)
    • Lack of enforcement of “affordability impact statement” requirement for any City fee increase/add
    • Allow infill option such as secondary apartments when an affordable unit is being provided regardless of neighborhood plan adoption
    • Expand non-conforming lot designation
  1. Revamp the review process:
    • Provide more clarity around how the review process is shifting and how it aligns with accountability
    • Make it easier to get information on where one is at in the review process
    • Provide a true expedited review for SMART Housing developments true including Law Department
      • Reinvigorate SMART Housing Team to assist developers
      • Include License Agreements
      • UDAs (and other legal issues)
    • Make the process for getting permits for home repair easier
  1. Provide clearer communication on the code:
    • Make code information easier to find online and more user friendly