Austin Housing Coalition advocates to ensure that Austin remains a diverse and inclusive city by supporting all types of housing for all kinds of people in all parts of town.

We support the following positions:

  1. Ensuring adequate funding through the mechanisms of Affordable Housing General Obligation Bonds, the Housing Trust Fund, and advocacy for State and Federal funding sources such as the National Housing Trust Fund.
  2. Increasing investment in affordable housing aligned with the core values of “all types of housing for all kinds of people in all parts of town”, in other words:
    • DEEP affordability (affordable to households below 50% of Median Family Income (MFI) for rental and below 80% of MFI for homeownership, with the majority of funds targeted to households below 30% of MFI for rental and below 60% of MFI for homeownership)
    • LONG-TERM affordability (40-99 years commitment)
    • GEOGRAPHIC DISPERSION AND INTEGRATION, giving people a choice of where to live regardless of race, household type, disability, etc.
  3. Working with the City to develop a long-term strategic plan for investment in affordable housing, including that by the housing authorities, over the next 10-20 years with a portfolio of goals organized by:
    • Geographic Dispersion
    • Type of housing (e.g. rental, homeowner, home repair)
    • Population served (people with disabilities, chronically homeless, families with children, etc)
    • Models serving the most vulnerable, for example, Permanent Supportive Housing for the chronically homeless and Accessible, Affordable, Integrated housing for people with disabilities.
    • Land Banking strategy needs to be created
    • Preservation Policy needs to be implemented
  4. Once goals are established, the city can review performance annually and adjust scoring of applications to prioritize funding in areas where needs remain and development capacity and opportunities exist.
  5. Prioritizing the development of affordable housing as a use for public land, including parcels owned by the City, County, AISD, Austin Energy and the State. It should maximize its ability to acquire land for such purposes by pursuing strategies such as land banking, community land trusts and tax-increment financing.
  6. The Austin Housing Coalition supports source of income protection, i.e. the end to discrimination by potential landlords against people with Housing Choice Vouchers, Tenant-Based Rental Assistance, and other rent subsidy vouchers. In particular, any developer who has received affordable housing funding or density bonuses should be required to accept vouchers and be monitored for continued compliance.
  7. Strengthening the City’s S.M.A.R.T.Housing program by reforming the current development review process and updating the incentives of expedited review and fee waivers to be meaningfully calibrated to the affordable housing commitments made by participating developers.
  8. Exploring and implementing strategies for the preservation of existing non-publicly funded apartment complexes.
  9. The City should ensure that the Neighborhood Housing and Community Development Office has adequate resources to effectively manage and grow affordable housing funds.

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