Austin Housing Coalition

Founded in 2003, the Austin Housing Coalition (formerly the CHDO Roundtable) represents the community of “housers” across Austin and Central Texas. We are nonprofit housing developers, housing and policy experts, and other interested organizations, businesses, and residents who support the development of safe, affordable housing for Austin residents. Our members work to house people experiencing homelessness, repair the houses of low-income homeowners, provide quality affordable rental housing, and empower low-income households to become successful, first-time homebuyers.

As members of the Austin Housing Coalition, we are intimately familiar with the barriers low-income Austinites face in obtaining safe, decent and affordable housing; whether that be a chronically homeless woman living on the streets or a single father struggling to feed and house his children on minimum wage. We serve and advocate on behalf of the housing needs of Austin’s low-income populations, including: seniors, young adults aging out of foster care, families with children, persons with disabilities, chronically and non-chronically homeless, veterans, and low-income students.

What We Do:



We advocate for city, state and national policies that create opportunities for more affordable housing



Our monthly meetings provide our members the opportunity to collectively problem solve, discuss critical issues related to affordable housing, and learn from one another



We promote best practices for developing and providing affordable housing through training opportunities for our members