Support for the Housing Working Group’s Bond Package Recommendation for Housing

Dear Bond Election Advisory Task Force Members,

The Austin Housing Coalition (formerly the CHDO Roundtable) has represented the community of “housers” across Austin and Central Texas since its founding in 2003. We are nonprofit housing developers, housing and policy experts, and other interested organizations, businesses, and residents who support the development of safe, affordable housing for Austin residents. Our members work to house people experiencing homelessness, repair the houses of low-income homeowners, provide quality affordable rental housing, and empower low-income households to become successful, first-time homebuyers.

The Austin Housing Coalition encourages you to support the Housing Working Group’s bond package recommendation of a minimum of $125 million for housing that includes a minimum of $50 million for property acquisition. The proposed housing bond package is consistent with our baseline of similar rates of funding in recent years and is necessary for the City to address our community’s growing housing needs. The inclusion of $50 million for property acquisition will help us move the needle on meeting Austin’s affordable housing goals.

The housing bond funding is integral to achieving the City of Austin’s Strategic Housing Plan, and ultimately, long-term sustainability for our city and residents. We urge you to support a bond package of at least $125 million for housing, including at least $50 million for property acquisition.

Thank you for your commitment to making Austin a more affordable community.



Nicole Joslin, RA, LEED AP
2017 Chair, Austin Housing Coalition