Response to LDC

Dear Mayor and Council Members,

The Austin Housing Coalition is a coalition of nonprofit agencies and other interested organizations, businesses, and residents who support the development of safe affordable housing for Austin residents. We appreciate Austin City Council efforts to provide the City Manager policy direction regarding the Land Development Code. Revising the Land Development Code is crucial to address Austin’s housing  needs and provide affordable housing opportunities to all Austinites.

As the City of Austin works to revise its Land Development Code, The Austin Housing Coalition supports:

  • substantially revising the current code to meet community housing needs, increase the production of affordable housing, and create housing in high opportunities areas that provide better access to jobs, transit and services; and
  • increasing housing capacity across the city, including transit-­‐rich neighborhoods close to downtown and major job centers; and
  • increasing housing choice for residents  and allowing  missing-­‐middle housing types in all Austin neighborhoods; and
  • revising and reducing current parking requirements in order to provide parking that is best-­suited to the type of development,  the needs of the population served, and the location of the project; and
  • creating flexible compatibility standards  to support building greater and better-­‐ quality affordable housing while ensuring neighborhood livability.

We look forward to working closely with the Austin City Council, the City Manager and staff regarding the revision of the Land Development Code and providing feedback throughout the process.  Please feel free to reach out with any questions and to use the  Austin Housing Coalition as a resource.


Nicole Joslin, Austin Housing Coalition Chair